Alumni Stories

Ahmed – The Refrigeration and AC Entrepreneur

Nileshni Prasad - A shining example for women in STEM

Sarveskar Chand - An Auto-Mechanical TVET Educator

Nafitalai Vuli - Working student preservers and attains success

Shalvin Chand - The Roaming Technician

Sikeli Lagilagi - Mechanical Apprentice to Manager

Adriu Iene - Contributing to Tuna Conservation

Rashnita Singh - Nursing is a Vocation

Navneet Reddy - Fiji’s most awarded young chef

Inia Leqa - The Ship Captain

Renuka Yankaiya Kumar - Back to school after 13 years

FNU - Nasinu Teachers College Reunion

Rahul Krishna - Chef

Salesi ‘Akau’ola - A Surgical Registrar’s Journey

Kolinio Tamanisau - The Water Engineer

Keshvi Lal - Sukul excels as entrepreneur in niche medical sector

Taito Lawakele - The Exemplary Entrepreneur

Dr Amanda Noovao Hill - One Step at a Time

Naima Shazmeen - Beauty Queen and Senior Pharmacy Technician

Sanjeet Singh - From Clerk to Director

Simione Naikarua - Progressing as a Lab Technician

Salendra Prasad - A Computer Teacher’s Passion

Yooranda Hiroshi Narayan - Being a mother and HR Coordinator

Ifereimi Naiviqa - Village boy overcomes struggles to become a Dentist

Shivnesh Sharma - Road to Civil Engineering

Rachna Prasad - All about Numbers

Lopeti Radravu - Shipwright Apprentice to Manager

Ashtosh Singh - The Journey of an Electrician

Alumeci Tuisawau - Leading Fiji’s TVET Sector

Arnal Krishn Singh - The Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur

Vishnu Deo Sharma - A Teacher for Life

Ms Ateca Kama - Food and Nutrition Advocate

Patricia Khan - Nursing A way of Life

Vasenai Kereni - A Woman ON THE GO

Dr Reddy - Fiji’s only female Emergency Specialist

Shinal Sharma - Contributing to Border Security

Roshni Lata - Wiremen Lata’s electrifying life journey

Rashni Ranjani Lal - Being the beacon of hope

Kashif Nasibdar - Learning and growing from life challenges

Apao and Letitia Erasito - Living the Physio Life

Dr. Tukana Leads The Fight For A Healthier Nation




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