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Alumni membership is offered to graduates of FNU and of the former Fiji College of Advanced Education (FCAE), Fiji College of Agriculture (FCA), Fiji Institute of Technology (FIT), Fiji School of Medicine ( FSM), Fiji School of Nursing ( FSN), Lautoka Teachers College (LTC) and the Training & Productivity Authority of Fiji (TPAF).

Everyone who graduates from FNU and its institutions are our alumni. To become a member of the FNU Alumni Network you can register with us:

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Alumni Stories

AKGrowing up in the shadows of health and agriculture professionals, the present Manager Food and Nutrition Security of Fiji’s National Food and Nutrition Centre (NFNC), Ms Ateca Kama, was raised to be health conscious. She had decided very early in her life that she wanted to be a nutritionist.

“While growing up, home was a haven for talanoa around human and animal health matters. So the desire to contribute to overall health outcomes be it in human health or animal health, was nurtured from early beginnings,” she said. 



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