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Graduate 2015
Professor Nigel Healey



A university’s alumni (graduates) are its most important stakeholders.  As a university, we are judged by the quality of the graduates we produce and by the contribution our alumni make to business, government and society.  In turn, the value of a degree or diploma on a graduate’s curriculum vitae depends critically on the reputation of the awarding university.  There is symbiotic relationship between a university and its alumni – if one is successful, the glitter rubs off on the other; and vice versa.

Here at Fiji National University (FNU), we are proud of the achievements of our many thousands of alumni.  In turn, we aspire to make you, our alumni, proud of your alma mater.  Our university dates back to 1885, when Suva Medical School was founded.  FNU was founded in its current form in 2010 – like many modern universities around the world by the merger of long-established tertiary colleges.  In 2020, we will celebrate the 135th anniversary of our foundation as an educational institution and our 10th anniversary as Fiji’s national university.


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Mr. Prashil Parkas

prashilGreetings from the FNU Alumni Association!

In my capacity as the President, it is indeed a great privilege for me to be welcoming you all to the Fiji National University Alumni Association. The FNUAA is in its fourth year of existence and the sole purpose of the existence of our association is to support the University goals leading to its success.

The FNUAA membership is inclusive of all those who have graduated from the colleges that later combined to be the Fiji National University. These colleges were the Nasinu Teachers College/Fiji College of Advanced Education, Fiji Institute Technology, Fiji School of Medicine, Fiji School of Nursing, Lautoka Teachers College, Fiji College of Agricultre and Fiji National Training Council/ Training and Productivity Authority of Fiji.

I would like to thank the former Executives of the FNUAA for the initial work of forming the FNUAA and developing its functions ever since 2015. Their hard work and dedication towards serving the association members and FNU will be remembered always and this will serve as a benchmark to the newly elected executive to continue with the legacy. 

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