About Us

Fiji National University (FNU) holds a special place in the Fijian education system.

While FNU in its current form dates back to 2010, we trace our foundation through our constituent Colleges back to 1885.

This makes FNU unusual, in that we have a proud academic tradition dating back to the 19th century, but the dynamism and vitality of a young, rapidly growing university.

FNU is proud to be a ‘dual sector’ university, offering both Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), as well as a comprehensive range of higher education programmes from bachelors to doctoral programmes.

Today, 26,000 students from Fiji and across the Pacific choose from one of the 200+ academic programmes we offer.

FNU is also distinctive for the vocational nature of its provision. For generations, our Colleges have educated the country’s doctors and nurses, its teachers, accountants and lawyers, its engineers, mechanics, carpenters and electricians. We prepare students for successful careers.

As our slogan says: “New Skills, Practical Experience, Real Opportunities.”

We achieve the goal of graduating highly-employable students in several important ways.

First, we work closely with employers to design academic programmes that teach the knowledge, skills and competencies that employers need in their labour force.

Second, we work with international partners and accreditation bodies to ensure that our programmes meet international standards.

Third, we embed within all our programmes work-based learning, usually in the form of ‘industrial attachments’, so that our students get firsthand experience of being in the workplace before they graduate.

Fourth, our TVET instructors are encouraged to spend time working with employers to keep themselves abreast of the latest developments, while our Higher Education (HE) lecturers and professors carry out research aligned to the national priorities of Fiji.

Coming to university is not just about earning a certificate, diploma or degree. It is about making new friends, having new experiences and stretching your horizons as you transition from home to the labour force.

FNU is proud to partner with Fiji National University Students’ Association (FNUSA), and the various campus-based branch associations, to provide a range of cultural, social and sporting events to complement your students and provide a holistic and enriching experience while you are a student at FNU.