College Research Committee (CRC)

Terms of Reference

The CEST (College of Engineering Science & Technology) CRC (College Research Committee) has been working in the college for some time informally through involuntary attendance.


The CRC will comprise the following:

  1. All Professors and Associate Professors
  2. All Heads of Schools


Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. The CRC is responsible for screening the research proposals and conference publications requests which require funding by FNU. The importance of research work and allotment of scarce resources cannot be overemphasized. It is therefore very important that all the CRC members make themselves available for the scheduled CRC meetings. EO-CEST will inform all the members in advance about the scheduled CRC meetings including those that require conference approvals.
  2. Research work in CEST is undertaken in accordance with the laid out “Research Policy” of FNU. All permanent staff members of CEST are eligible to raise research proposals and are such encouraged to do so relevant to their field of work, after giving due to diligence to its purpose, knowledge creations potential and usefulness to society and nation/region as a whole. The research proposal is required to be filled up in the form OPVCR03A Research Preparatory Fund Application and submitted in hard copy to Executive Officer-CEST.
  3. All research proposals are scrutinized by the CRC members in the scheduled meetings which are conducted quarterly or as and when required. The CRC is responsible to ensure the following:
  4. To see that every proposal has a clear mention of research objectives that is achievable within the mentioned time frame.
  5. To see that every proposal makes a brief mention of the existing knowledge in the field of study backed by relevant references.
  • Every proposal has enough scientific material in it to make it worthy of concluding in a publication time and the funds needed for the research.
  1. To guide and mentor fresh initiators in writing of a proposal and conduct of research through an appointed senior researcher.
  2. To see that references and contact details of at least 3 research scientists actively working in the subject research area have been mentioned, if the estimated cost of proposal is more than $8000FJD.
  3. To see that a clear time line/step wise plan is attached along with a Gantt Chart so that the progress of the research work can be monitored subsequent to the approval of the proposal.
  • To screen all the conference papers put up for approval with respect to the quality of content, language and format.
  • To monitor the progress of all approved research proposals.


  1. All research and conference proposals are required to be presented in the CRC meeting by the researchers. The presentation should focus on the status of existing study in the subject field, the proposed work/work carried out and the impact of the research work in the field of study.


Procedural Changes to improve quality research proposals submitted for Fund approval

  1. Election or volunteers required as Research Group Leaders for each of the College Research priority areas.
  2. All staff members within the college are encouraged to register themselves in any of the research group they are interested in.
  3. All research proposals are first vetted at research group levels through circulation of papers to members by the research group leaders.
  4. Comments and feedbacks are provided to the researcher to improve the quality of the proposed research.
  5. Once research group leaders are satisfied with the quality, the proposal is then submitted to the CRC for further vetting and fund approval through the research group leader.