CEST Research Office

Welcome to the College of Engineering, Science and Technology Research and Graduate Office.

Our College aspires to be relevant to Fiji’s national research needs and priorities while committed to internationally and regionally recognized research.

The College of Engineering, Science and Technology has 6 schools that reflect our diversity, experience and expertise.

Our commitment and response to Fiji’s and the regional needs are identified in the following research priority themes;

  1. Biodiversity, Conservation and Sustainability: Leader: Prof. Todd E Dennis; todd.dennis@fnu.ac.fj
  2. Environmental Degradation, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation
  3. Renewable Energy, Safety and Innovation in Engineering
  4. Information, Communication, Electrical & Transport Technologies
  5. Natural Products and Food Security: Leader: Prof. Tibor Pasinszki; tibor.pasinszki@fnu.ac.fj