The Academic Office is under the responsibility of the Academic Office Manager.  Its responsibilities include:

1.1      The management and integrity of the student record;

1.2      The efficiency and accuracy for the student records system (StudentSoft) on which the student record depends;

1.3      Front -office support to individual students in matters relating to all facets and organisation of their academic programme of study;

1.4      Examinations management and results processing;

1.5      Review, approval and publication of programmes and module information;

1.6      Student appeals, plagiarism etc. and academic discipline;

1.7      Systems and processes for quality assurance and enhancement;

1.8      Consolidation of yearly academic calendar

1.9      Thorough vetting of applications

The Academic Office also has wider responsibilities which cover the following:

Academic Policy and Quality

This function provides administrative support for the CMNH’s management of its academic quality and standards, including the provision of the secretariat for CMNHS Academic Board and Examination Board with responsibility for academic regulations and codes of practice, academic review, and the overall responsibility over teaching and learning.  Upon endorsement from the Academic Board, the unit facilitates the preparation and timely submission of CMNHS papers for the FNU Senate’s approval.

Support for the development of policy and procedures are integrated with the discharge of day to day operational responsibilities. The section is also responsible for the appointment and collation of report from External Examiners for taught programmes; and liaison with other academic Quality Assurance Agencies for benchmarking.

Programme and Course Approval
This function includes responsibility for new programmes and courses approvals and provides the secretariat for the CMNHS Programme and Course Approval Committee (PACAC).

Australian Awards Pacific Scholarship

Formerly the ARDS, the unit provides student management support services and finance management to AusAID sponsored students.


Study permit and renewal of visas for students (and staff in rare occasions) is also facilitated by the team.

Student Conduct and College Appeals
This unit manages processes, procedures and guidance related to academic appeals, fitness to continue, and grievances to Examination irregularities, Plagiarism and Academic Discipline.

Examinations and other Support

The unit oversees Examination logistics (including guidance to both Student and Schools, on examination dates, and alternative examination arrangements) and its proper recording/documentation.
Student Records
This includes the managing of CMNHS's central record of all students on undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, enrolment details, processing of examination marks and progression decisions, and transcripts.

Systems Unit
Together with the IT Department Programmer the AO provides technical support to the various Schools and Departments of Academic Services. This includes development support for the student records system, StudentSoft generating reports of records data for management and implementation of new developments and training on student records system and processes. The unit also manages programme and courses information, StudentSoft, and the publication of programme specifications.


In consultation with the Departments and Programme Coordinators, the unit manages the consolidation of the yearly academic calendars for CMNHS.


All applications pertaining to admission, re-admission, manual enrolment, bonafide letters, change of programme, elective, special consideration, re-sit, relief of hardship, credit transfer, withdrawals, reconsideration of grades, result notation, academic transcripts, graduation and verification are all facilitated by the unit.

Contact:  Mere Ravunibola

              Manager Academic Office

              Phone: (679) 3311 700 ext. 3038

              E-mail:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.