Dean's Message

Dr William May web

It’s a great pleasure and a privilege for me to address you as the Dean of the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences which is a merger of the Fiji School of Medicine and the Fiji School of Nursing at this important stage in the long and proud history of medical and health education and training of this iconic organization in the Pacific Islands.

It’s a genuine privilege to be part of two institutions which are 125 and 117 years old respectively who have provided high quality medical and health education and training for many Pacific Island people– many of the former graduates who now serve in key health and government positions throughout the region and many, many more who are providing quality health care to all people.


This is a special organization that welcomes students and staff from many different cultures and walks of life, which can play a very important part in the future development of the Fiji Islands and countries throughout the Pacific and which faces with excitement the great opportunities that can be realized in the next years and decades.

At the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences we have a Vision “to be the leading health workforce academic education and research institution in the Pacific Region” and a Mission “ to provide education programs and conduct research in order to graduate compassionate and competent health professionals to improve the health of people in the Pacific Region”

We will continue to deliver on this Vision and Mission with a strong focus on Excellence, Relevance and Opportunity in all that we do. And with a focus on students, staff, governance and partnerships.

The College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences should have confidence in the quality of their education and their capacity to make a real difference when they graduate. They should learn to value education, student-life and life-long learning.

I want the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences to be seen as the Higher Education employer of choice in Fiji and the Pacific Islands. This should be a place where staff can commit to making a real difference in the long term.

The College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences has a proud history of education and training for students from Fiji – but also from all other Pacific Island countries and Territories. I want all staff and students to realize and celebrate that great tradition.

At the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences I want a focus on higher education which sees development of teaching and learning and applied research in partnership with the Ministries of Health and Education, with key donor agencies and with other regional Universities.

But most of all I would like a place where all can work, study, achieve their potential and feel valued and respected for what they do. People are the most important part of any organization – and this is particularly true for places of learning in which the focus on nurturing and developing others to achieve their life-long potential is the key cornerstone.

I come from a diverse background and significant experience in Medical Research and Public Health in both the University and the Government sectors in Australia and the United States of America. I have a strong commitment to quality in Higher Education and to a management style which recognizes the importance of, and attempts to encourage and develop every person in the organization.

For someone like me with a life-long interest in health, education and the value of cultural diversity there must surely be no better place to work than the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences. 

Dr. William May

Associate Professor Internal Medicine and Acting Dean CMNHS

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