Diversity & Inclusion

As a dual-sector university, FNU strongly believes in equality and inclusion across its TVET and Higher Education streams of learning. Education policy does not happen in a vacuum. It requires openness and interactions between systems and their environments and is influenced by economic, political, social and technological trends.

Major global developments of our time, such as demographic shifts, migration and refugee crises, rising inequalities, and climate change have contributed to the increasing diversity found in our countries, communities and classrooms.

As a holistic approach to the matter, and in line with FNU’s Strategic Plan 2021-2026, the University has developed a GEDSI Strategy in partnership with the Australia Pacific Training Coalition.

From April-August 2023, FNU’s academic and professional services staff, alongside its Senior Leadership Team (SLT), worked together to realise the FNU GEDSI strategy and a two-year action plan which was launched in [month] 2023.

During the strategy formulation stage, staff from all FNU divisions, colleges and campuses participated in 16 GEDSI sensitisation workshops.

Through this strategy, we aim to provide a platform for staff inclusivity and awareness of gender equality disability and social inclusion practices to promote more equitable and sustainable outcomes.


GEDSI Strategy [embedded link]