Thus the role of the Unit is to provide research support & research bioethics governance services, finance and administrative support to research staff and students of CMNHS. A new role is being developed in the RU is in medical professionalism and bioethics training for students of CMNHS.

The academic support includes individual consultation or group workshops and continuous professional development in all areas of research supervision, proposal writing, all aspects related to research data and analyses, research ethics and research project management.

The administrative support has consisted of the unit evolving with local research environment to draft internationally modeled but locally relevant policies and procedures to support research Governance as well as Research financial administration and oversight.

Historically, the staff of the Unit has had a combination of academics with backgrounds in health, teaching and research and administrative support staff. They have played critical roles in shaping the structures and process that currently support research and while there is always room for improvement, it would be remiss not to acknowledge the tremendous effort that has gone into articulating the research support functions at both the College of Medicine and the Fiji Ministry of Health Research Secretariat.

It was felt that research support will only be progressive and meaningful if people from these backgrounds were to implement processes and activities based on experience and the knowledge gained from their own “lessons learnt”.

In order to consolidate research activities and maintain a central hub for research governance, the CMNHS health Research & Ethics Committee (CHREC) was formed. The functions of this committee were further devolved to the Departmental level to form Departmental Research Committees (DRCs) and enable further capacity building of supervisors and researchers.

All research activities at the college are summarily presented to the College Executive Management Committee (EMC) which comprises the Dean and heads of Departments.

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Dean’s Forum: Research Bites

The lunch hour forum:  Pacific Health Research Bites was initiated by the Research Unit to bring researchers from the College together to share “bite-sized” gems of research information. We hope that Researchers will take this opportunity to present their ideas for future collaboration or showcase current research activities. Since research in the Pacific poses unique learning experiences, we also encourage presenters who wish to share these experiences as well and not limit themselves to just the presentation of completed research activities.


Something About Us

The Research Unit (RU) was established in 1989 with the appointment of Director Research & Academic Development (DRAD) at the Fiji School of Medicine (FSMed) now College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (CMNHS) under the Fiji National University.  The RU was established under the Office of the Dean (CMNHS) to mainstream research activities into the academic programs and support the academic departments through the implementation of research policies, research governance and administrative mechanisms. 


  • Vision Mission & Values
  • Function and Structure


To be the leading institute for ethical, innovative, sustainable and Pacific centric health Research in the region.


To support a research friendly and research productive environment that fosters sustainable, relevant and quality research in the region.  


Researchers at the College will endeavor to be role models and will strive to abide by the principles of  

  • Respect: Exercise care, diligence, sincerity, confidentiality and being non-judgmental in the course of their research activities.
  • Integrity: Display fairness, honesty, transparency, loyalty, discipline and accountability in their research activities and with their research reports.
  • Passion: Maintain a spirit of inquiry and dedication to improve health through evidence based research and practice.

While it was important to embed research into the learning and teaching activities of CMNHS, it was also important for staff to engage in research activities to build faculty capacity and strengthen research supervision. All research activities were implemented by teaching academics from the Departments of Health Sciences (DHS), Medical Sciences (DMS), Oral Health (DOH), Public Health & Primary Care (DPHPC) and the Research Unit.

As the research activities gained momentum, the number of research staff trained and employed through external grants increased. The Unit set up dedicated Research Centers (RCs) to retain this special cadre and to continue projects in the major areas of Health Systems Research, Non-Communicable Diseases, and Sexual & Reproductive Health.