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Fashion and Design


Welcome to the Department of Fashion & Design. The Department of Fashion & Design (DFD) is focused on developing and enhancing the skills and knowledge in the Textiles, Clothing & Footwear (TCF) & Food Manufacturing Industries (TCF) and more so to the emerging Food Safety & Fashion Industry respectively.

The Department of Fashion & Design challenge is for the provision of appropriate training programs & short courses in Fashion Design and Food Manufacturing to improve and increase the productivity of the Textile Fashion & Food Industries. In addition, DFD wishes to highlight its activities as different from those of the other NTPC training sections in that the department is involved in the following areas:

Fashion & Design Courses Clothing Skills Program for Vocational/ Clothing & Textiles Teachers
Industry based tailor-made programs on Food Safety & Hygiene Practices Fashion Design & Sewing Courses for High School Students (Best Program)
Sensory Evaluation in Product Development & Quality Control Principals & Application of HACCP

Implementation of Modern Food Safety

Management System ISO22000:2005

Effective Foreign Body Management
Regulatory Compliance Allergen Management

Course Introduction-Machining

Textiles, Clothing & Footwear (TCF) factories have various skills areas needed to facilitate the production of quality clothing garments. Each area commencing from design to packing, have specific quality standards followed to enable global sales/ marketing and productivity.

Machining area require skilled manpower and labour to produce world standard quality garments for either local or overseas market. As soon as components are cut, these are transferred to either small parts department or to the main assembly department. These areas are the machining areas that needed skilled people in garment manufacturing. The speed and quality of work produced depends on labour skills, therefore machining skills training is a priority.

Garment Construction Courses is designed for participants wishing to enhance their skills and knowledge in whole garment assembly and different machine operations. Specific Skills in machining techniques are focused in this programme to enable participants to further their career in the Garment Industry.

Course Introduction Sewing Machine Mechanic

The programme aims to provide training for individual who wish to pursue a career in sewing machine mechanics for the clothing manufacturing industry.

Participants are trained to repair and maintain, monitor and perform operational maintenance of various sewing machines and equipment used in the TCF industry through a safe and preventive system. Learners are also taught on how to identify first time right approach whilst repairing or conducting basic machine maintenance.

Various ranges of Sewing Machines are available for the mechanical courses.

List of Courses

Code Programme Durations (Days) Credit Point Fee ($)
BMC Basic Machinist Course 5 2 70.00
BLSSM Business Long Sleeve Shirt Making 5 2 100.00
GCD Girls Casual Dress 5 2 80.00
SPLD Simple Princess Line Dress 5 2 80.00
TM Trouser Making 4 1.5 150.00
IPM Intermediate Pattern Making 5 2 80.00
FI Fashion Illustration 5 1 100.00
SC Sulu Chamba/Bula Shirt 5 3 100.00
SDM Shift Dress Making 5 2 100.00
SU School Uniforms 5 2 80.00
SWD Simple Wedding Dress 5 2 100.00
IMMS Introduction to Machine Maintenance and safety 5 3 150.00
IPCST Introduction to Pattern Cutting and Sewing Techniques 5 3 100.00
FHC Free Hand Cutting 5 3 100.00
PR Production Run 5 1.5 100.00
IFC Introduction to Fabrication and color 5 2 100.00
SEW Simple Evening Wear 5 2 100.00
APM Advance Patchwork Making 5 1.5 50.00