The 2017 Internal Quality Circles Competition (IQCC) will be held today at the Fiji National University, Tamavua campus.

Eleven in-house teams will be participating with an aim to increase efficiency and productivity within the Fiji National University.

The event will be officiated by the Permanent Secretary of Employment Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Salaseini Serulagilagi Daunabuna.

National Training & Productivity Centre, Deputy Director Division of Business and Information Technology Sachin Deo said FNU’s IQCC provides a platform to staff to form Quality Circles and deal with issues and problems which they can solve within Quality Circle context.

“The circles identify areas of opportunity within their departments or sections and provide solutions to through research. The research is then implemented to test if the findings work,” said Mr Deo.

The quality circles are formed with four to ten members from the same work area and share common understanding and knowledge of problems.

These circles are required to fulfill the following responsibilities voluntarily:

Form circles with an elected circle leader and circle facilitator

Register the team with the department quality standards within the registration call timeframe

Undergo trainings on way to quality improvements

Meet regularly to discuss and prioritise problems affecting their work area

Present and compete your project analysis in the FNU Internal Quality Circle Competition

Submit the abstract on the identified problem with planned activities and outcome on how the circle would resolve the identified problem in consideration with the National Convention Theme; “Raising Productivity for Sustainability”.

The winning circle from this IQCC will represent FNU at the National Convention on Quality to be held in Nadi next month.

The competition organised by the NTPC’s Department of Quality Standards.

Registration starts at 8.30am.

Source: Fiji Sun Online