Medical Research Laboratory History

The Medical Research Laboratory (MRL) and Research Centre was established in 2013  introducing clinical and biomedical research to Fiji and, as a regional training center for excellence as there was a great need for laboratory oriented research at the College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, Fiji National University.

The laboratory based at the Tamavua campus is a Biosafety Level 2 facility and provides an excellent training and research resource for staff and students of the University, regional researchers and for international research scientists to conduct research addressing the health care issues in Fiji. MRL is committed to laboratory research for a better understanding in the development of current and emerging communicable (CDs) and non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in Fiji with an introduction of a core new facility for flow cytometry.

Immuno-pathology, molecular biology and pharmacognosy research are some of the current key focus areas of the center. Through research dissemination via publications and conference presentations, the MRL aims to continue to build key relationships and collaborations between academic institutes, government agencies-Ministry of Health (MoH), NGOs, private sector organizations and international research institutes and universities with the key objective of translating research findings into practice and health policy in the Pacific.