This course is open to Male or Female candidates who comply with the minimum standards and requirements stipulated below:

1. The candidate shall not be less than 18 years of age and not more than 22 years old at the time of closing applications.  

The CEO/Head of Nautical Science/Head of Engineering reserves the right to waver the upper limit of the age requirement in a case of a candidate displaying exceptional capabilities.

2. Minimum Qualifications Requirements (MQR) for the candidate must pass the FSLC Examination (Year 12 /Form 6). Year 13/Form 7 pass in the subject below would be an advantage.

This must include English ˃48, Math ≥ 50, and Physics ≥ 50

3. Be of height not less than 5'2.”


Other Consideration and Selection Criteria


The prospective candidate must:

  • pass a written aptitude test set by the Academy
  • pass a Medical Fitness test and eyesight test
  • be successful at the interview conducted by the Academy
  • show evidence of ability to pay the course fees
  • be of acceptable BMI ratio


Written aptitude test

This test consists of questions made up of essay type, multiple choices formats.

The questions will test the candidate how interested he/she is in the chosen career; ability to understand written words, reason with numbers and ability solve mechanical problems.


The candidate will be interviewed by the academic staff with questions about ability to pay school fees, student’s accommodation arrangements and travel to the Academy back.

Medical Fitness / BMI

Students must be of acceptable Body Mass Index (BMI) due to safety concerns when working on board vessels. Any concerns regarding BMI can be addressed to the CEO or Head of Academics at Fiji Maritime Academy

6/6 vision in both eye and color blind test to the satisfaction of a MSAF approved doctor.

FMA Standards

Fiji Maritime Academy’s vision is to be the premier Maritime Training Institute in the South Pacific Region. To achieve such a mission, it has been recognized that student discipline is of utmost importance.

Students need to read and sign a code of conduct document before they commence any program.

FMA has introduced a strict dress code for all students attending the school as well as for visitors.

Punctuality and attendance of students will be recorded, and only students who comply with the Academy regulation will be recommended to prospective employees.