School of Automobile Engineering and Road Transport

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The School of Automobile Engineering and Road Transport offers a very wide variety of programmes in the Automotive Engineering and Road Transport fields from Certificates, Trade Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. We provide the education, skills and practical training for a wide range of disciplines, from Automotive Engineering (Electrical and Electronics), Automotive Engineering in Light Motor Vehicles, Heavy Commercial Vehicles, Heavy Mobile Plants and Small Engines to Body Refurbishing, Spray Painting, Automotive Hydraulics and Pneumatics studies and also other related subjects or areas. Great value is placed on industrial attachments which are an integral part of our entire programme of studies.


A strong and vibrant research culture and professional consultancies involve the school and staff, with activities planned by the School Committee for Research and Consultancy.


There is a great demand by the general public for safe and comfortable means of road transport. This in turn demands qualified and skilled motor mechanics and technicians to repair and service vehicles to meet the Fiji standard. Numerous job opportunities are offered to graduates in private firms and government departments. As qualified Trade Certificate or Diploma holders, graduates are employed as senior mechanics, leading hands or vehicle inspectors. The qualifications also enable students to pursue further education to degree level.


The knowledge and skills acquired also provide them the entrepreneurial ability to venture into self-employment and start their own businesses.


Mr Apisai Dovitana

Head of School

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