School of Mechanical Engineering



Message from the Head of School (Higher Education)


Warm Greetings!


As we move forward, it is the primary goal of the School of Mechanical Engineering to see its graduates gainfully positioned both in the local and foreign industries, private organizations, and government units or engaged in entrepreneurial activities. Further, the engineering technologies, innovations and inventions generated and developed by the School are commercialized and made available to intended end-users. Though the road is not always smooth, the entire staff of the School of Mechanical Engineering always gives their best effort. Every school year, we lay before you the results of our accomplishments and maintain our competitive niche in the market.


To achieve these goals, the school continuously works at improving its existing programmes; the same efforts are employed in developing strategic and emerging new programmes responsive to stakeholders’ needs. Research and Development (R & D) endeavors are strongly encouraged and vigorously pursued. Likewise, the school maintains, strengthens and evolves linkages with local, private industries and international foreign universities and funding institutions for joint scholarship grants, training, technical assistance, and exchange of experts, information and technologies.


This Handbook summarizes the menu of academic programmes offered by the School of Mechanical Engineering for the upcoming school calendar.  The School has 10 programmes (5 Certificate IVs, 3 Trade Diplomas, 1 Advanced Diploma and Bachelor Degree (Y1 to Y4). Further, the   Handbook details, specific entry qualifications requirements, units’ descriptions, costs per programme, and potential job opportunities after completion.


We hope that you find the information contained in this Handbook useful and worthwhile in your search for excellence, competitive and quality education. This is our way of providing you a well-informed career choice.


May you have an enjoyable and meaningful stay at the School of Mechanical Engineering.

Mr. Joji Misaele Marau




Message from the Head of School (TVET/Technical)

Technicians Department:photoedit

We welcome you to the TVET and Technical Section of the School of Mechanical Engineering and sincerely hope that you may find our Programmes enriching and interesting.

The School offers a variety of courses in:

  1. Trade Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
  2. Trade Diploma in Renewable Energy
  3. Trade Diploma in Agriculture Engineering


Certificate IV Programmes:

  1. Fitting and Machining
  2. Plant Maintenance Engineering
  3. Welding and Fabrication
  4. Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning
  5. Agriculture Engineering


The School’s Departments focus on the education and training of students with hands on experience to provide the related Industries needs in terms of employment with skills. The School has been in consultation with the Industries Board to address and formulate the requirements intended for a graduate in any of the fields within the TVET/Technical Section of the School of Mechanical Engineering.  Recently there has been an up-grade of the units and duration mode to try to be on  par with the other institutions worldwide with regards to education.


After completing any Certificate IV Programme, graduates are qualified to attend Trade Diploma Programmes then can further their qualification in Bachelor Engineering (Mechanical). Trade Diploma graduates shall enter straight  into Year 2 of the four years BE (Mechanical) Programme.


Graduates shall be competent, confident, disciplined and qualified to serve the overwhelming industrial needs of the nation.


Mr. Tuinimaliwalala Toutou