Current Projects

CHIPSR 0 - CHIPSR General Projects
*Smaller projects are grouped under here and the CHIPSR operational costs.

CHIPSR 8 – Pacific National Health Accounts Network (PHAN) Activities (with WHO)
*Involved with several activities for strengthening NHA work in the PIC region as part of the PHAN network technical agency.

CHIPSR 19 – Nodal Institute Project (with WHO)
*Involves project with sub nodes on “Health systems interventions and resources mapping for the Region of Oceania.

CHIPSR 21 – MOH National Health Accounts 2013-2014 (With MOH)
*CHIPSR partnered with the Ministry of Health Fiji to compile the national health expenditures for the years 2013 and 2014. CHIPSR will provide thetechnical support.

CHIPSR 25 – Solomon Islands HIES 2012 -2013 Equity Analysis (with World Bank)
*Involve s analysis of HIES for Solomon Islands