Completed Projects Descriptions

Completed Projects

CHIPSR 1 - Fiji National Accounts 2007 -2008 (with MOH – Fiji)
*CHIPSR partners with the Ministry of Health in Fiji to advocate and strengthen the establishment of NHA as an important tool in driving the development and amendment of health policy in Fiji and the Pacific. CHIPRS is assisting in compiling the NHA report for 2011 & 2012. Reports for 2007 to 2010 have already been completed and available on the MOH website.

CHIPSR 2 - HIT Fiji Report (with WHO)
*CHIPSR coordinated and participated in writing the Health in Transition Report 2010 for Fiji. The report is now completed and available on the Asia Pacific Observatory website.

CHIPSR 3 – Pacific Health Ministers Report (with Nossal)
The study examined the policy and financing outcomes of the various declarations and resolutions emerging from the Pacific Health Ministers meetings from 1995 to 2009. The report is completed and with Nossal.

CHIPSR 4 – Funding Flows (with Nossal)
*This project provided regional and country policy makers with compiled and comparative information on health financing flows in Fiji and the factors that may have influenced them. The Funding Flows Article is completed and with Nossal.

CHIPSR 5 - Flagship 2010 (with Nossal)
*CHIPSR together with the Nossal Institute for Global Health presented the 1st Pacific offering of the World Bank Flagship Course on health systems strengthening. A report on the outcomes of the training can be found in the Pacific Health Dialogue Volume 16, Issue 2.

CHIPSR 6/12 – Equitap Analysis (with Equitap)
*Involves equity work analysis in Fiji and Solomon

CHIPSR 7 - SHA Green Papers (with WHO)
*CHIPSR completes SHA Technical Green papers for Fiji and the Federated States of Micronesia. The papers can be downloaded from the OECD-Korea website.

CHIPSR 9 - APHNAN Work (with Institute for Health Policy, Sri Lanka)
*Coordinating the NHA data collection amongst PICs for JAPNHAQ.

CHIPSR 10 - Costing Study of Selected Health facilities in Fiji (with WHO)
*This stud was a collaborative effort between the Ministry of Health, Fiji, the World Health Organisation and the Fiji National University. The objective of the study was to undertake a cost analysis of health services provided at public health facilities in the Fiji public health system in 2010. CHIPSR (FNU) partnered withthe Ministry of Health Fiji and the World Health Organization to produce a costing study report that is accessible from the Fiji Ministry of health website.

CHIPSR 11 - Fiji National Accounts 2009-2010 (with MOH)
*CHIPSR partnered with the Ministry of Health Fiji to compile the national health expenditures for the years 2009 and 2010. CHIPSR provided the technical support. The report is accessible from the Fiji Ministry of health website.

CHIPSR 13 - Global National Health Accounts database Update (with WHO)
*Assisting WHO to compile health expenditure data for Pacific Island Countries

CHIPSR 14 - Costing referrals report (with SSCIPs)
*Coordinating a research study on the cost of overseas referrals and costing health teams in Fiji.

CHIPSR 15 - SHI Study - (with WHO & IHP)
*Undertaking a feasibility study on SHI for FIJI.

CHIPSR 16 - Flagships 2012 (with Nossal)
*Flagship course will be held from 20th August to 30th August 2012 in Nadi by CHIPSR in partnership with the Nossal Institute for Global Health (the University of Melbourne) and the World Bank Institute.

CHIPSR 17 - HIS Course (with UQ)
*HIS short course will be held from 22nd October to 26th October 2012 at the Pasifika Campus, Fiji National University Suva by HIS (CHIPSR) in partnership with the University of Queensland.

CHIPSR 18 – Research Fellow Attachment (with Nossal)
*NHA to evidence policy work.

CHIPSR 20 - Public/Private mix of health services in Fiji (with Nossal)
*Is a case study by CHIPSR on the “Public-Private mix of Health Services in Fiji.

CHIPSR 22 – World Bank PNG HIES 2009 & 2010 Analysis (With World Bank)
*Involves the analysis of PNG for 2009 & 2010.

CHIPSR 23 - Solomon’s Islands Facility Costing Study (with Monash University)
*Involves the facility costing study for Solomon Islands

CHIPSR 24 – HIT Update 2013 (with WHO)
*Involves Health in Transition Updates

*Involves sustainable health financing study in Fiji

CHIPSR 27 – NHA Policy Briefing (with WHO)
*Involves policy briefs with MOH