About Us

The Fiji School of Medicine (FSMed) a member of the College of Medical, Nursing, and Health Sciences remains the leading educational institution concerned with the development of health professionals in the South Pacific. Notwithstanding its role in the development of health professionals, the school has over the years nurtured and maintained a strong research program and has always advocated for an environment conducive to sustaining health research.

Over many years FSMed has been instrumental in conducting, participating, and collaborating with numerous national and international organizations into research on crucial issues concerning medicine and health in the Pacific.

This has been pivotal in ensuring the continuity of research and has championed work in research journals such as Pacific Health Dialogue (PHD) and Pacific Health Voices (PHV), and the establishment of research centres such as the Pacific STI & HIV Research Centre (PSHRC) and the Centre for the Prevention of Obesity and Noncommunicable Diseases (C-Pond).  In late January 2010, research has been further strengthened with the establishment of the Centre for Health Information, Policy and Systems Research (CHIPSR).

The CHIPSR was established following the increasing realization that financing health care (especially in small Pacific Island nations where health costs are increasing faster that economic growth and government revenues) needed evidence-based research to ensure the development of national policies that addressed the long-term sustainability of health care financing, and the provision of equitable health services for Fiji and the Pacific.  

It is anticipated that the CHIPSR will become a major research unit of the College and will provide the opportunity for staff, students and College adjunct staff to research operational issues and to provide evidence for health policy developments in Fiji and the Pacific.